Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jaylee's thoughts...

GWAP has made a big impact on my life.  Although I am the founder of GWAP, I have been taught a lot like overcoming some of my biggest problems.  A couple of them are arguing with my sister and guarding my purity. 

Let me explain how it all started.

One day when I was about 6 years old I asked my mom, ’’Mom, could I have a bible study for girls my age?”

She said “Pray about it Jaylee.”

didn't waste a moment, I prayed right then.

I prayed “God do you want me to have a bible study?"

He said “Yes”

So that’s how it got started, first 6 girls came,  then 8, then 18, then 30, and now over 40 are members.

We got so big my mom had to start teaching.  Last year, I came crying to my mom and said “I feel that my friends need to know more about what is coming.”

After thinking about our class schedule she said, “Why don’t you start teaching during the time we eat.  But please pray about it first.”

So I did and God said, ‘Yes’ again.  I began teaching the next class about the book of Revelation. 

Well, then Gracie came to my mom and asked if she could have a bible study class while the girls ate, although she wanted to teach to her age girls. 

Mom told her to pray about it and she did.  About 2 months later Gracie believed that God said she should teach also.  My mom and her decided she should start teaching in the fall of the next season.  And now she has.  She is teaching about who God is. 

This summer we had our fist GWAP camp.  We prayed for everything.  It was awesome!!  We had so much fun learning about God. 

This week is our third class of this year and I am so excited!  See you there!!

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