Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gracie's thoughts...

Well first of all I want to introduce my struggle, “pride.”

I’m sure more than one person has it.  I do not like my struggle and it gets on my nerves!  But everyone has their pluses and minuses; this is one of my minuses. 

Now that I’ve introduced my struggle, it is time I get back to GWAP as a group.

Jaylee already told you about the beginning of GWAP so I am going to talk about a different piece of our group.  Let me explain why I introduced, “pride.”  Well the reason why is though I have only taught once, I feel like the girls are helping me a bunch in that area. 

I am the type of person to over-react when my schedule isn't followed.  And sometimes when you teach you can’t follow your schedule.  I can already feel the love and patience in my girl’s hearts for me, so I know they will allow me to learn to teach the best I can through the battles of pride I am sure to face. 

God allows trials in our lives sometimes to make us more like Jesus.  Here’s an example:

Sometimes we think that when people get on our nerves it is a bad thing, but it’s really not, it can be a good thing because it tests our patience and sometimes that makes us stronger.  For instance, my sister and I argue at times.  But it is an opportunity for me to grow in patience and grace, if I allow God to help me respond.  That makes it a good thing.

I love GWAP because I am sure I will have many trials in this group and, as I said before, that can make us stronger.

Thank you, GWAP moms, for bringing your child to our girls group, and thank you, GWAP girls, for having patience with me. J

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