Monday, August 26, 2013

GWAP- remodeled!!

So I'm sure many of you are wondering about GWAP. I've been pretty silent for the summer. There have been some pretty big changes in my life and I've been adjusting to them with the Lord. 

Due to a couple of things GWAP will need to adjust also. The first change came through some time I was spending in prayer for us at the end of our season. God was opening my eyes to some things. One very important one that affects GWAP is that without encouraging and helping parents grow in The Lord, children are very limited on how much they can grow. There is a saying from somewhere that says..."You can never lead anyone closer to God than you are." And I might add to that..."You cannot lead someone else's child where you are not willing to lead their parents." It has been very evident to us that teaching the girls is GREAT, but our position of authority is very limited yet YOUR'S is not. So God, Eryn and I have talked and believe that GWAP will be a much more effective ministry if we bring you mothers in! And then we are double blessed!! So beginning this year we will be kicking off a "Mother/Daughter Study!" 
The second change came due to the fact that I no longer attend Missionary Baptist Church. That change is location. We will meet at my house now. And since we want to allow for mothers getting off work etc we will meet at 6:30 every other Friday, beginning September 6th. 

I am very excited about this change in GWAP!! I do believe that it will make a bigger impact on the girls and it bond us moms with our daughters in a way only Jesus could do. Our first meeting will be a very casual introductory meeting. We can decide somethings together such as who can brings snacks...if we want snacks and how we would like to conduct the study. I am going to speak to the writer of the "Chosen" curriculum to see if she feels we can adapt it to a mother/daughter study. I really think it is a good one and I would like to continue with it if possible. 

So get your bibles ready and mark September 6th @ 6:30 on your calendars, we are going to live, laugh and love together!!

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