Thursday, July 7, 2016


Here is the release form that needs to be filled out by everyone that is coming to camp.  I will have printed ones the night you drop off if you can't get this one to print.  Or you can click on "Parent Info & Forms" on the right side of website and print it there.

Also a rough draft schedule.  It is not complete but gives an idea of times.  

Lastly is the menu!  We have been blessed by a huge helper in this area, Mrs. Katie Lunow!!  Please remember to thank her for her hard work in feeding us!!

We recommend each girl to bring their own towel for showers and/or swimming, floaties if needed, bedding, sunscreen, bug spray, appropriate summer clothing (play clothes...there won't be much cause for dressing up, rubber boots might even be a good idea), swimsuits, toiletries and a BIBLE if you have it.  IT WILL BE VERY IMPORTANT FOR THEM TO BRING A BIBLE THEY CAN MARK IN THIS YEAR!!  (Volunteers and campers)

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