Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Camp prayer list

Here are the names of the girls coming to camp.  I am asking you to pray over each one!

JulieAnn Lunow
Rylee Danker
Anynsley Tillison
Anna McConnell
Faith Clayburn
Kaylee Mitchell
Jinny Yong
Laney Davis
Keali Hicks
Shaley Barnes
Haleigh Ohl
Kamber Ohl
Jaylee Danker
Gracie Danker
Rianna Merriam

Each girl has something the Lord wants to speak to, please pray they will be open and willing to listen!!

Also we have 2 speakers coming that I'm sure would love to have you praying that they would bring the message God wants them to.

Our Speakers:
Chelsea Space
Natalee Hitchcock

I keep getting asked what we could use so here are a few items:
paper plates
paper towels
plastic silverware

As I said to some of the volunteers earlier...We are going to blow the clouds up with praise for The King of Kings!!!!

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